WV Weightlifting Club

CrossFit Ridgeline is home to WEST VIRGINIA WEIGHTLIFTING, an official USAW club, a sanctioned WVU student club, and a collegiate affiliate program of the USAW team. For those interested in focusing on strength and/or participating in USAW competitions, this club has produced NINE national-level weightlifters. The club is high-energy and goal driven so be prepared to make a commitment and stay disciplined.

As a WVWL member you have access to the following:

  • Individualized programming
  • Instruction from a NATIONAL LEVEL COACH
  • Eight custom platforms
  • Rogue & Pendlay bearing bars
  • Competition plates
  • Fractional plates
  • Two power racks
  • Two sets of jerk blocks
  • Competition fee reimbursement
  • Personal storage cube for all your gear